Tell A Story Only You can Tell. But Don't Do It Alone.

Join other midlife women just like you who want to get inspired, be challenged, connect with other writers, learn about the craft of writing stories about their lives, and reach their writing goals.

We know the past months have been difficult, and, for many of us, challenging times are still ahead. 

This is a class to provide you with the kind of community, accountability, focus, structure, and skills that you’ve told us you need, right now.

Does any of this sound like you?

We surveyed our HerStories community this summer about their writing struggles, and here are some typical responses:

“I feel uninspired and that what I have to say isn’t much different than what so many other people are writing about now.”

“I struggle with focus. Focus focus focus. I have none. I am feeling like anything I write is noise, and we don’t need more noise, so I’m struggling to find purpose, too.”

“I don’t have have a scheduled time to write, a routine. My struggles are doing it. Sitting down and doing it….and keeping a daily writing habit.”

“I struggle with motivation. I’m very blah with the dumpster fire that the world is right now.”

You're not alone

We are all feeling this way.

We hear you. And we understand.

When we talk to our community, the same challenges come up again and again: lack of focus, too many distractions, so much anxiety, no motivation, lack of accountability.

None of this — our new reality — is normal. Not for us, as midlife women, already in the “messy middle” of our lives. Not for our friends, families, and communities. We’re all kind of making it up as we go along.

There’s no playbook for what’s going on in our lives right now.

That’s why it makes sense that we need new support systems and new ways of motivating ourselves and of taking our writing to the next level. 

a new type of course community

Our new course combines the best aspects of an online course, an accountability group, a small critique group, and live coaching.

You want direction and instruction.

But you also want a close and supportive community, an opportunity to get productive feedback on your writing, and daily motivation.

Your writing life before the course:

Your writing life after the course:


Stories of Our (Mid) Lives

A 6-week small group writing experience for personal essay and memoir writers.

The Curriculum

What You'll Learn

This six-week course will be a weekly mix of whole-course community meetings (conducted via Zoom), daily lessons, weekly homework assignments, weekly instructor office hours, and small group critique.

WEEK 1-2

Knowing Ourselves as Writers and Finding Ideas

The first two weeks will focus on getting to know each other and understanding the course goals, as well as learning techniques to find compelling ideas.

Weeks 3-4

Learning How To Dig For Truth and How to Build Scenes

Learn how to stretch beyond individual experience to draw on universal themes.

Weeks 5-6

Revision Strategies and Critique

After reviewing a few important revision techniques, we’ll practice workshopping essays in our large whole class and in our small critique groups.

 We’ll also explore how to pitch and get our writing published. We’ll discuss challenges for your small writing group that might arise after the course is over.

Course structure

Each week will consist of:

Join a weekly Zoom call about this week’s main topics, with live coaching. (Or listen to a recorded version.)

Lessons and discussion questions will be posted daily. Individual feedback will be given on weekly homework assignments.

Get your individual questions answered in weekly “live chat” or Zoom call office hours.

Stories of Our (Mid)Lives

An 6-week course, community, and critique group.

Pay in one payment, or two.

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“I loved the intimate and supportive nature of this class and the bravery demonstrated by my fellow participant writers. Jessica and Stephanie’s prompts challenged me creatively and also provided a space for inner reflection and personal healing. A profoundly transformative experience.”

- Small Steps in Uncertain Times workshop student

“Jessica and Stephanie led us through essay writing in small, manageable steps. I found this method really helpful as I am often overwhelmed by the blank page. I have taken many on-line classes and this was one of the few times that I did not overwhelmed and loose track of the process. I had a great experience working with Jessica and the other writers.””

- Personal Essay writing Bootcamp student

“The HerStories Project has created an inviting and creatively enriching online space with “Small Steps in Uncertain Times.” This extraordinary writing group allowed me to stretch and grow as a writer during the COVID-19 crisis, an incredibly challenging time for me, personally, and the world abound. Writing in the company of a diverse collection of women from all over the United States and abroad was one of the best experiences of my creative life.”

- SMall Steps in Uncertain times workshop student

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Meet Your instructors

Hi! We are Jessica and Stephanie.

We are the co-founders and co-editors of the HerStories Project, a publishing and writing community for women.

We met online as “blogging friends” and then founded the HerStories Project in 2014. We’ve published four essay collections, edit our HerStories Project website, and have taught writing to hundreds of female writers over the past six years.

Frequently Asked Questions

The course will begin on September 14th and end October 23rd.

After you enroll in the course, you’ll be emailed a survey about your writing goals and experiences. We’ll match you into a writing group based on these answers.

Email us and we’d be glad to provide a refund!

The short (and unsatisfying) answer is: It really depends. We think our courses work best when you carve out a short chunk of time each day (20-30 minutes), rather than leaving all of your coursework for one block of the week.

The course and its writing groups will be hosted as a paid option inside our free HerStories Writers social network platform. You don’t already need to be a member of the free network in order to enroll in the course. Please feel free to reach out if you get confused once you receive your course instructions.

You will be given the option to decide as a group if you would like to continue meeting together within our course platform. 

Ready to Join us?

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Two monthly payments of


Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

We love connecting with you and answering your questions about Stories of Our (Mid)Lives. You can email us directly at to get in touch and we’ll return the favor within 48 business hours.